OFFICE NOMADS Environmental Graphics

Wayfinding/Space Planning & Graphics

CONCEPT – We live in a disposable society. It’s easier to throw things away and buy something shiny and new, but there is something very special about embracing the patina of something old. Honoring it’s history and finding the beauty within the aging surfaces and decay. Office Nomads resides in a unique space honoring these characteristics with a fun
 and funky vibe, I felt it was important to align the way-finding design with this philosophy. The design focuses on the re-use of materials and the inherent beauty of these surfaces. Wood and metal will be key components in signage and surface for way-finding graphics. Here are some of the highlights:


Some of the challenges:  A need for external signage, active areas were not clearly defined, any directional signage on the interior of the space was totally absent and there wasn’t any defined reception area, leaving guests wondering where to go for assistance.

The initial project did not call for a space redesign, however, upon standing in the facility and observing people within it, I felt there was an improvement that could be realized by redirecting the flow of traffic and the focal points upon entering the building. A simple, low cost “shuffle” of the active areas created a more natural and friendly flow conducive to how the client likes to work as well as providing clearer direction for visitors. This is the proposed plan:webjpgs

Low cost signage solutions were incorporated for the “front” and “back” doors providing instant recognition. In addition, graphics were placed on the “back” door obscuring the area where the client houses their bicycles and discouraging visitors from going to this entrance. “People” were chosen as the key graphic as a representation of community, which is what this client is all about.webjpgs3

Since fun and funky is how this client likes to roll, unconventional solutions to common problems were in order. The office is somewhat transient with people coming and going, desks/work areas being temporarily assigned. A reader board with the respective names of who was in the office for the day, directing them to either the first or second floor was proposed. As a solution to the transient element, moveable/customizable scrabble letters were backed with magnetic strips and placed on metal boards in strategic locations.
Addressing another challenge was the somewhat unsightly curtain that hides electrical panels and gear upon the wall. The proposal included a decorative panel with hinged sections replacing the curtain and also providing an indication of the new use of space for that area where people would congregate. These are some of the proposal layouts showcasing the solutions utilizing a scale model that was built – “characters” were chosen for scale representation, again referencing the fun personalities of the client.